Framework Development

Framework Development

Simplifying development process using framework

Frameworks which our eminent team develops are useful in simplifying application development for your company. It is within a short time frame, your developers can concentrate on coding the applications with our unique set of frameworks. Time is a prominent factor is gaining an edge over your competitors; you must release your business applications in the market, way ahead of your rivals to gain a prominent market share. You can easily achieve your organizational goals and safeguard your data and applications with the use of our smart frameworks.

Our scalable frameworks allow you to code and develop business application faster and effortlessly.


Framework Development

  • Ruby on Rails Development

    Ruby on Rails is the latest buzzword in the web applications development industry. With tens of thousands of business applications running on this open-source web framework, it optimizes the web developer’s productivity and gets you a powerful and sustainable web application within a matter of days, unlike before. With our latest Ruby on Rails framework, we guarantee smooth web applications in the quickest time, and at incredible rates.

  • Codeigniter Development

    Codeigniter with the power of PHP facilitates dynamic and intuitive website development. Infoniq Codeigniter developers are highly-skilled in creating clean frameworks codes and SEO friendly URLs to empower your business online.

  • CakePHP Development

    Flexibility is the beauty of CakePHP, using this framework, you can create customizable web applications and portals that will add to your brand’s value and business functions. We help you in creating robust and dynamic website, using this rapid development framework. Its systematic procedure and structure enables our programmers code with zero errors, within a few seconds.

  • Zend Framework Development

    Gain advantage from using this modern framework to do PHP applications. All the new features of PHP are used here. We offer you the best frameworks in the object oriented code by all means. We help people to access all the prominent web services using this language very efficiently.

  • Laravel Development

    Build amazing applications using this language. We serve you better in developing a framework that helps you in coding very easily. This is the reason for most of them to use this mainly for their PHP applications. Be prepared to get all the vibrant controllers and stunning web applications using this language.

  • Symfony Development

    Maintaining your PHP applications is going to be far easier now. One can happily create their dynamic tools using this language. For sure we assure you not to give a chance for any sort of repetitive code. Here in this framework development of web applications using PHP, all the elements works in harmony and so used best till now.

  • Python Development

    This open source development is very much efficient and easily used by all programmers irrespective of their efficiency. Your work will be done in few seconds really with the frameworks we develop. So upgrade your work to be trendy and finish the rest of the applications very smartly using this language.

  • Nod JS Development

    This is built on chrome and preferred to use for all the java script network applications. We are very good at providing all the server side applications using the java script. We offer you this service at a very decent price which helps you in developing code very easily.

  • ASP.NET Development

              Our development ideas are enough to use by anyone, regardless of the level of skills, to make great Web applications. However, Infoniq professionals can mix and coordinate the techniques within one program to develop you a website that will give you the best possible advantages of the features provided by this awesome application.

  • ExpressionEngine Development

    Many websites, online magazines and blogs are powered with this development. This coding is so flexible compared to any other language. So this is very extensively used by all the developers. Even we provide services on this to a large group of companies and they are very much happy with our frameworks.