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Enterprise Mobile Apps Development

Infoniq treats mobility as a driving force in the future of computing and human interaction.

Mobile Apps Development Services

Infoniq is the leading information technology consulting and mobile apps development organization that planned and initiated the adoption of flexible business practices that enable our clients to function more efficiently and produce more values. Infoniq vision lies to know our client’s business culture, processes, vision and goals across the industries and offering client oriented solutions, which are highly accurate.


          We follow a set process when engaging with potential clients and when managing projects. These processes are constantly evaluated and refined through the feedback we obtain from our clients. From initial project meeting to project review and sign off, we will guide you through each stage to ensure a successful project outcome.


          We’ve worked hard to win the trust and respect of our customers. That’s why a high percentage of our business comes from repeat work with existing clients. We’ve helped companies increase sales, cut internal process costs, attract new business and improve communications all through our intelligence and creative software solutions.

We develop mobile applications for platforms including:

  • i Phone Apps Development
  • i Pad Apps Development
  • i Pod Apps Development
  • Android Apps Development
  • Windows Mobile Apps Development
  • Blackberry Apps Development


Why choose Infoniq as your professional mobile apps developers? We are enriched with dedicated designers with plenty of advanced mobile phone applications, we ensure you to increase your sale and income.

  • We offer different types of development platforms such as Javascript, PHP, HTML, and Android operating system.
  • Our excellent group with years of concurrence gives you continuous help and support with our latest techniques.

We offer route on technological advancement and organization mock-up that appears sensible.

  • We help you to create unique rate and if your items are highly effective then you can create a lead in any industry.
  • We have the fulfillment of being one of the top streamers in enterprise-level app development firm with complete power.
  • Our strong technical proficiency, well-defined technique, with each devoted group professionals.
  • We offer the best remedy to our customers much quicker than any other mobile app development companies.

Perfect understanding of the mobile technological advancement, well-complimented by rich encounter across all the major business verticals and the ability to provide end-to-end organization solutions, makes Infoniq the best mobile application development company of choice across sectors.

Our application solutions are developed via

  • Variety of modern techniques
  • Greater affability
  • Good manifestation

Mobile Apps Development

  • iPhone Apps Development

                         The iPhone app market is very profitable, but to be efficient, you should have the right performance with higher resolution. That’s exactly what you’ll discover with Infoniq. Our iPhone Mobile Apps Development has been most beneficial iPhone applications ever to hit the App developments. We’ve also launched many apps in the market. When it comes to iPhone app development, Infoniq is your leading associate.

    Our Design and Development Process

    The true evaluation for iPhone app development organizations is the results as they’re able to accomplish for customers. Our designing and development procedure is impressive, forward thinking and able to provide significant ROI in the end.

    Our iPhone app development professionals are very dedicated  and unique in their way of developing programs, as they are always pursuing to deliver better results with every program that they create. All of our developers are not only skilled in programming on these devices but  also  integrally engaged in the designing  any  task and have always added values to the product  by doing so.

    We  develop iPhone Application Development Services for:

    • iPhone Business Application
    • iPhone Promotion Application
    • iPhone Advertising Application
    • iPhone Games

    We know that iPhone app development is not about your organization, and it’s not about our developers. It’s not about the iPhone system or the App store, either. It’s about your customers – your focus on viewers. To be able to be efficient, you have to provide them what they want. You need excellent performance packed in a refined, smooth, bug-free app that provides user-friendly function and stability. That’s where we succeed.

    Our designing and development methodologies begins not with a technological schematic or worksheet, but with a sit-down conversation with you. We go in-depth in identifying what pushes your organization, what you desire to accomplish through app development, and what clients you’re trying to achieve. Once we have a complete understanding on these analytics, we get down to the technicality of it all.

  • iPad Apps Development

    iPad has totally changed the way we live.  Organizations are  using iPad’s technological innovation to develop and improve their company. iPad programs are used globally to get the requirements in different areas such as company, entertainment, e-mail, activities, web, publishing, eBooks, connectivity, video clips, etc.

    Infoniq services in iPad application:

    Infoniq is a best service for iPad Mobile Application Development which has developed and implemented several outstanding programs. With a team of iPad developers, we have developed & launched more than 50 programs so far. We are working with different types of organizations.

    Infoniq has offered some new marketing possibilities, which makes an interest in  iPad Program Development.

    • We have been assisting our clients to work on ideas and create them valuable via iOS devices.
    • We not only create the application for our clients, but also enjoy developing their ideas and developing an outstanding product.
    • We at Infoniq, have a group of expert iPad designers who have a thorough knowledge in iPad app.

    Our expert designers create an app which is users friendly, and is developed innovatively to accomplish highest possible results. Our extremely competent iPad app designers are dedicated to completely implement the iPad-exclusive.

    Benefits of mobile application development by Infoniq :

    • Accuracy
    • On-time distribution
    • Less turn-around time
    • Latest technological innovation program
    • Update service
  • Android Apps Development

                      Android a fastest increasing os of smartphone gadget, has become popular with its each update. Its versatile, intelligent simple to use programs and its flexibility has made it people’s favourite. Android os offers feature rich interfaces to smartphone customers , which is helping android for its development in the smartphone market. Android supports compelling and intuitive Android os app development. Our specialized engineers with overhauled learning of most recent android discharge develops gainful android programs.Infoniq has been one of the realm of Android os development and has one of the best Android os development teams.

              Our Android os program developers have years of experience in the mobile database incorporation and are well conversant with Android os Application Development tools (SDK).

    Our experience in  Android os development coupled with our skilled developers and extremely knowledgeable Android os app development  team gives us the confidence to take on the toughest of challenges and deliver outstanding Android os programs that you need.

    Android system opens up unlimited opportunities to be creative and differentiate mobile programs as much you can discover the technical opportunities. Google extends its powerful abilities to android which makes this as a strategic platforms to many enterprises.

    Infoniq provides vast categories of Android os Mobile Application Development incorporation services. Our developers to discover complex Android os SDK system and utilize all high-end opportunities available for Android os through its comprehensive set of development tools.

    Below are our key capabilities

    • Location centered Apps.
    • GPS and Maps incorporation programs.
    • Pedometer incorporation.
    • Tracking mobile movements
    • 2D and 3D games
    • Social media programs and integration

    As a mobile database incorporation and mobility solutions provider we will take care of entire development cycle from concepts of generation to App store execution and ongoing support. We strongly believe in our development technique to ensure App distribution is exactly matching with client expectations.

  • Blackberry Apps Development

    Infoniq is a Mobile Apps Development company in India offering Blackberry application development services across the globe. If you are looking to create a Blackberry application to enhance your support promotions or discovering an easy way for your business procedures Infoniq is the right place for that.

    Along with Android operating system and IOS application development, Infoniq also concentrates on entertaining Blackberry mobile design and Blackberry apps development services. With the latest release of a variety of Blackberry mobiles, a lot of interesting possibilities have come up for companies in this area.

    Our BlackBerry developers are knowledgeable at local BlackBerry app development can help you with creating BlackBerry app that makes full use of primary functions, efficiency and programs offered by BlackBerry.

    Our primary skills can be found in:

    • Blackberry Application development
    • Blackberry business application development
    • Blackberry Game development
    • Blackberry Widget development
    • Blackberry Java app development
    • Blackberry Interaction Program Development

    Our Advantages:

    • Prove records on website & mobile development tasks.
    • Thorough knowledge and skills in all editions of BB.
    • 24×7 support for BB development & programming.
    • Users friendly entertaining apps.
    • Best Blackberry Program development Company in India.
    • Confident customer care on security through legal sign offs.
    • Quick turn-around time.
    • Better Communication.
    • Personalize customer interfaces.

    Our team of efficient Blackberry Mobile apps designers help our clients in using the potential for the Blackberry Mob app devices something beyond the e-mail and immediate concept. At Infoniq, we also provide some of the best cost-effective solutions for your Blackberry mobile app devices.

    Blackberry Mobile App Program Development Service

    We at Infoniq engaged in developing awesome BlackBerry Programs for our customers who fit in with the following different industries:

    • Banking
    • Insurance
    • Food and Hospitality
    • Real Estate
    • Mobile Commerce
    • Healthcare
    • Manufacturing/Production

    Infoniq has arms of an encounter in blackberry application development.

  • Windows Apps Development

         Infoniq has an affluent experience in windows mobile application development on frames like windows 2003,windows 6, windows  6.1, windows CE, Wallet PC 2002, 2003, Wallet PC Phone Version, Net Compact Structure.

    Infoniq’s  windows Mobile application development Team offers the best overseas solutions for application development used in mobile phones and Smartphones presenting unique mobile applications and affordable  development benefits for end users.

    Infoniq windows mobile application development services include :

    • Seamless data connection apps.
    • Utility solutions (Mobile Anti-virus, A-GPS/GPS applications).
    • Media up-gradation applications (WMPplug-ins, image publishers).
    • Apps with higher API support (Bluetooth).
    • Pocket Perspective Upgrades for Microsoft Office Mobile.
    • Task Management providing programs and other efficient programs.

    Advantages of windows mobile application development :

    • Social Mobile NetworkingBulk texting via SMS Gateway
    • Multimedia application loading on windows Mobile
    • Local and area pursuit access
    • Multimedia & Resources Program development
    • Internet programs, GPS and Routing application
    • Communication & System application